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The definitive supply chain outsourcing assessment

Producing the parts and components you need on time and on budget isn't always as easy as it seems, especially if your team is responsible for managing every aspect of your engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain for your business internally. This checklist will help you determine if outsourcing some or all of your supply chain makes sense for your organization.

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If one or more of these points applies to your organization, then outsourcing part of your supply chain may benefit you:

  • You need engineering design expertise that is not currently available internally.
  • You need manufacturing expertise that is not part of your core skillset.
  • You feel you are overly dependent on some suppliers and the risks of this are too high.
  • You are being asked to do more and more to cut costs and drive efficiencies but are not given the means to do so.
  • You want to be better prepared for the next black swan event.
  • You have good control of your BOMs and are not opposed to making changes to improve cost, quality, or availability.
  • You have experienced unplanned downtimes that could have been prevented.
  • You have great product ideas but a difficult time getting them to market.
  • You have an AVL but can’t find time to optimize the potential benefits it may bring.
  • You don’t have an ERP, which makes it difficult to forecast whether you will meet market demand.
  • You have little/no experience setting up a supply chain.
  • You feel that distributors and reps are adding little value to your supply chain and think you can get better cost and service working around them.
  • You feel that manufacturers' rebates are not being properly reflected in your costs.
  • Spot buys are really hurting your bottom line and you need to compensate for that elsewhere in your supply chain costs.

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