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NMG's custom mechanical switch design and manufacturing

We work with various conductive metals, including brass, copper, and silver (often nickel-plated), and can incorporate features like LEDs, cover, caps, and colors. NMG creates customs design to match required contact resistance and maximum current ratings. We carefully assemble components (levers, springs, o-rings, plungers, moving armatures, cases, bases) and conduct extensive quality testing and validation for peak performance and reliability.

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What is a mechanical switch?

A mechanical switch is an electromechanical device that opens or closes an electrical circuit when an actuator, such as a button or key, is pressed or released. It relies on physical contact and mechanical movement to register an input, making it a dependable and durable option for various applications. It may not have the whoa factor of touch screen, but it remains a workhorse of input devices and staple in the world of user interfaces.

Mechanical switches are found in many domestic, commercial, and industrial power points, industrial and electrical equipment, airplane panels and other vehicles.

The most common types of manufactured mechanical switches are slide switches, tactile switches, rocket switches, push buttons, and toggle switches. When actuated, they initiate a mechanical action that forces two metal contacts to come into contact, completing an electrical circuit. When that circuit closes, it sends an electrical signal to the connected device, registering the input.

Advantages of mechanical switches

Mechanical switches are known for their robustness and longevity. They can endure millions of activations, making them ideal for devices that require long lifespans. They're custom-designed to be activated with a certain level of force and to provide tactile feedback, often a noticeable click or bump, which reduces false keypresses and other user errors.

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