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Custom membrane switches that meet your precise requirements

Every membrane switch NMG designs, produces, and delivers is custom-made to precisely match the form, fit, and function you desire. Through a multitude of options, you can achieve your specific visual design and create the perfect interface. We offer solutions for thin, low-profile, complex shapes and sizes. Our advanced design and manufacturing abilities ensure you get the perfect membrane switch for your application.

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Unrivaled expertise in membrane switch design and manufacturing

NMG has the critical experience to design, manufacture, and assemble all the layers of your membrane switches (overlay, spacers, circuits, adhesives, and backer). Our expertise in finishes and backlighting solutions (specialty films, filters, and light sources) is second to none. It's no coincidence that Lutron and Weiser have listed NMG as a preferred supplier for their membrane switch needs.

Our manufacturing sites in Wisconsin have extraordinary expertise in the design and manufacturing of your custom membrane switches. We provide a wide range of options to cover your cost & tolerance needs. Our capabilities as a membrane switch manufacturer include:

  • Printing of conductive & dielectric inks (circuitry) and decorative inks (digital, UV opacity hits & selective 1st surface textures).
  • Full in-house capabilities to place LEDs, domes and crimp, stitch typical means of termination (Nicomatic, Amp, Berg).
  • Combination of sourced materials and internally produced layers for the assembly of the membrane switch into your final product.
  • Custom testing capabilities to build complex test protocols, interconnects, and fixtures for any design.
membrane switch design

A wide range of finishes for your membrane switch manufacturing

We offer selective texturing, hard coating, surface embossing, dead front, tactile or non-tactile feedback, back layer, and support layer.

backlighting for membrane switches

Precise backlighting solutions for membrane switches

We work with LEDs, optical fibers, electroluminescence backlighting (EL) lamps, and light guide films (LGFs). NMG uses computer simulation to generate LGF patterns that optimize luminance. Our capabilities also include the use of multiple-layer and multi-segment light guides.

Unlock potential with NMG

  • Augment the durability of your switch.
  • Improve tactile dimensions.
  • Accentuate the graphic elements.
  • Enhance interface's readability & aesthetics.
  • Provide backlighting.
  • Optimize light distribution.
  • Obtain maximum luminance.
  • Accommodate different lighting conditions.
durable membrane switch

Selecting the right partner for membrane switch manufacturing

Not all membrane switch manufacturers are created equal. These are the key dimensions that separate the standard from the exceptional partner:

  • In-house engineers providing critical thinking and years of experience to every project.
  • In-house development and production.
  • Experience in precision-cut components and complex user interface assembly.
  • Expertise in custom extreme-environment switches.
  • Rigorous production tolerances and outstanding color control.
  • Proficiency in achieving low or high tactile force, and low or high tactile feel.
  • Ability to integrate various features, including anti-microbial materials, tactile and non-tactile button options, as well as the inclusion of audio, embossing, backlighting, indicator lighting, selective textures, display windows, back panels and ESD/EMI shielding.

Benefits of membrane switches

membrane switch assembly

Membrane switches are used in a variety of domestic, commercial, or industrial applications. They are often preferred to purely mechanical switches because they offer:

  • Extremely long lifespan
  • Low cost
  • Compact and thin profile
  • Strong protection against from harmful elements
  • Flexibility of the material
  • Intricate shapes
  • Versatility of the graphic interface

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