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Nelson Miller Group is the leader in product identification solutions, from plastics to stainless steel, simple adhesives to complicated environment specs, screen printed to elegant digital printing.

Why use nameplates and graphic overlays?

Your benefits:

  • Elevate your brand: stand out and create a strong and favorable impression.
  • Verify product authenticity.
  • Provide clear and informative product information/instructions. 
  • Protect your assets against theft.
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haas aluminum panel with anodized and screen printing colors

We offer a range of services to make your brand shine. From multiple printing techniques, fabrication processes, and coatings on a wide variety of materials, we can offer you a cost-effective and reliable product at any volume. We utilize multi-color metal anodizing, serializing, and UID barcoding as well as an in-house design and full-service color lab using UV-based chemistries that provide custom color matching to ensure our customers’ logos and designs look exceptional.  

To guarantee swift processing and timely delivery, we uphold substantial inventories of metals and plastics essential for our production. With over 75 years of industry experience, we are the optimal choice for supplying a wide range of industrial, commercial, military, and aerospace applications. Our rigorous processes and unwavering commitment to meeting customer specifications guarantee that we provide the most enduring solutions within the industry.


  • Coining
  • Dile, laser, and shear-cutting 
  • Embossing and de-bossing 
  • Forming 
  • Folding 
  • Hole-punching Turrets 
  • Custom color matching 
  • Doming and selective doming 
  • Hole-punching 
  • Lamination roller coating 
  • Screen and litho printing 
  • Selective texture


  • Acrylic
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Polyester
  • Polycarbonate
  • Steel (stainless, cold rolled)
  • Vinyl
Custom Nameplates

Explore NMG’s wide range of overlays and panels.

Revolutionize your product’s interface with our custom graphic overlays that are produced with materials that keep durability, functionality, and attractiveness in mind. We meticulously choose our materials based off the environment it will be used (while always considering the most cost-effective solution).

Our Promise

At NMG, we promise:

  • Unrivaled aesthetics. Transform your product into a work of art with stunning, high-resolution graphics and vibrant colors, using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, guaranteeing unparalleled precision and quality.

  • Maximum durability. Our overlays are engineered to withstand even the harshest conditions. They are resistant to scratches, chemicals, moisture, and UV exposure, ensuring long-lasting quality and performance.

  • Customization at its best. We tailor your overlay to suit your brand's identity and product specifications. Choose from a wide array of materials, textures, and finishes, and add embossing, debossing, or backlighting for a truly unique touch.
Graphic Overlay Printing

No matter what industry or sector, our graphic overlays offer a versatile solution that seamlessly integrates with various products and applications.

Membrane overlays manufacturing

Our membrane overlays offer a superior user experience with ergonomic design, making products engaging and easy to use. We offer backlighting to enhance visibility, including electroluminescent (EL), fiber optics, and LED (light-emitting diode) for an energy-efficient option. Membrane overlays also can be embossed to create tactile feedback to improve input accuracy.

Our materials ensure the utmost protection, including thermoset plastic, such as polycarbonate (best known by the GE registered trademark of Lexan®) or a thermoplastic such as PET, also known as polyester, (under the Dupont trade name of Mylar®).  With our graphic overlay printing techniques, you can rest assured your brand will always look sharp.

Custom graphic overlay options

  • Custom color matching
  • Doming and selective doming
  • Hole-punching
  • Lamination
  • Roller coating
  • Screen and litho printing
  • Selective texture
Graphic Design Overlays

NMG also supports touch screen overlays, with the option to use infrared (IR) overlays, the most popular and effective option to ensure functionality. As a leader in the product identification and human interface solutions industry, NMG uses this expertise to create the best custom touch screen applications for your business’ unique needs.

Panel overlays manufacturing

NMG offers custom-made panel overlays for the top layer of a switch to feature the buttons for the switch keys. Panel overlays can be made of hard plastic or metal, and finished with brush or polished stainless steel, polished brass or white metal with a hard coating anodizing process for greater protection and wear resistance.  You’ll leave an impression on your customers and demonstrate your brand’s commitment to excellence.

Custom Graphic Panel Overlays

Nameplates, labels, and dials manufacturing

Established in 1937, NMG initially provided basic metal dials to the aerospace sector. Over the years, our capabilities have expanded, and today, we stand as industry leaders, providing an unparalleled array of metal and plastic nameplate processing services. These offerings encompass multi-color metal anodization, UID barcoding, serialization, etching and filling, laser etching, a variety of printing choices such as silk-screen and digital, and the unique polyurethane domed nameplates.

Our focus is to create highly durable decorations, which we accomplish through coatings and ink that provide resistance to UV degradation, solvents, and abrasion. The most durable applications trap graphics under a clear anodic layer which ensures your branding withstands the environmental elements.  

Custom Nameplates

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