Silicone rubber and plastic keypad manufacturer

When your user interface requires a keypad, NMG partners with you to design and manufacture a custom product that brings your device to life. 

Beyond buttons: designing custom keypads to elevate your application

We specialize in innovative design support for complex and highly precise products. If you need a rugged device to withstand extreme environmental conditions, NMG will deliver a product that passes necessary certifications and regulatory compliance. Or, if your custom silicone rubber keypad requires precise tactile feedback or backlighting, NMG has experience with a large variety of manufacturing processes, fabrication technologies, and finishes.

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silicon layered keypad

NMG unlocks our customers’ potential with custom keypad solutions and manufacturing.

We have decades of experience designing and manufacturing silicone rubber and plastic keypad assemblies for a wide range of clients and applications. Some examples of our work include:

Electric cart: layered keypad

silicone rubber keypad
  • Layered keypad
  • E-switch
  • Plastic clamshell housing
  • Wire harness and connector housing
  • Firmware​

Click here for the full case study.

Portable industrial generator: keypad assembly

silicone keypad manufacturer

Click here for the full case study.

Watercraft joystick: backlit keypad

plastic joystick assembly
  • Membrane keypad overlay
  • LEDs
  • Circuitry with flexible tail
  • Buttons
  • LCD display
  • Aluminum panel

Electronic lock: backlit keypad

sample of assembly for an electronic door lock system
  • Keypad layer including tactile domes, LEDs, and LGF
  • PCB
  • Wiring
  • Connector
  • Injection-molded plastic housing

NMG's keypad expertise and capabilities in design and manufacturing

NMG has the technical expertise to meet your tactile feedback, backlighting, and durability requirements for plastic keypads and silicone rubber keypads.

keypad overlay
dome switch keypad
custom silicone rubber keypad

Silicone rubber and plastic injection molding for keypad manufacturing

Component manufacturing and assembly in keypad manufacturing

  • Membrane overlays
  • PCBs
  • Switches:
    • Dome switches
    • Scissor switches
    • Membrane switches
  • Backlighting:
    • Light pipes
    • LED windows

Finishing techniques in keypad manufacturing

  • Laser etching
  • Vacuum metallization
  • Powder coating
  • Screen printing
  • Plastic keycaps with rubber keycap (P+R)​

Applications for Silicone Rubber and Plastic Keypad

Industries using silicone rubber and plastic keypads

  • Medical
  • Consumer electronics
  • Industrial
  • Security
  • Construction

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