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Resistive and Capacitive Touch Switch Manufacturing

Nelson Miller Group (NMG) designs and produces custom, high-quality resistive and capacitive touch switches. We’ve established ourselves as a leading manufacturer in the realm of touch-sensitive technology.  Our team of skilled engineers and technicians harness the latest advancements in materials and manufacturing processes to create customized touch switches. We have our own manufacturing sites in Wisconsin, as well as multiple strategic partners in Asia, to deliver exactly what you need.

What separates NMG from all other touch switch manufacturers is our ability to meet the unique requirements of your HMI—whether that means ruggedness (extreme environment), shape (any shape), size (small form factor or miniaturization), and user experience (graphic, finishes, and textures)—and we’ll meet these requirements with precision.

Resistive and capacitive touch switches operate by registering changes in electrical current. This differentiates them from traditional membrane switches, which rely on a touch button to operate. Resistive and capacitive touch switches use a similar mode of operation to their touch screen counterparts.

Resistive Touch Switch

Resistive touch switches rely on lowering the resistance between two conductive metal plates that are laid out with a small, but electrically important, space in between. They require some pressure to be activated.

Capacitive Touch Switch

Capacitive touch switches detect a change in capacitance caused by a conductive item like a finger regardless of the pressure applied.

Switches and screens share a lot of similarities when it comes to integrating capacitive or resistive touch technology. Click here for greater details on these technologies.

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