Fully assembled membrane keypad for commercial generator

NMG evolved into the primary keypad provider for a global OEM

Nelson Miller Group is the primary keypad provider for this global OEM. For more than 10 years, this multi-national brand has relied on our ability to deliver on price and quality, as well as to meet their growing production needs. 

The company

This company is among the top 75 largest private companies in America (Forbes) and manufactures products for kitchens, bathrooms, home decor, and resorts. Its line of power products makes industrial generators as well as mobile, marine, home, and portable generators.

The product

A three-part keypad assembly for a portable commercial/industrial generator 

The industry

Industrial machinery and equipment 

Manufactured components 

Three-Part Keypad Assembly (Three Models with Different Keypad Overlays):   

  1. Membrane Keypad Overlay: 
    • Buttons 
    • Six Indicator LEDs 
    • Circuitry with Flexible Tail   
  2. LCD Display behind Keypad   
  3. Aluminum Panel to Hold LCD   
full assembled membrane keypad for a commercial generator
control interface for commercial generator
membrane of a keypad for a global OEM

Results at a glance

Resolution of complex design and engineering challenges

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Cost optimization

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Access to manufacturing capabilities

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High quality performance and consistency

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The challenge

Limited membrane keypad expertise, specialized printing process, and strict temperature requirements 

  • Customer had limited expertise in membrane keypad manufacturing. 
  • Need for a competitively priced device. 
  • Strict requirements for graphics and printing process. 
  • Ability to hold up to extreme humidity and heat 
  • Intricate metal panel.

The solution

Managed a customized manufacturing strategy and lowered costs with offshore production partners 

Engineering expertise 

  • Used our engineering expertise to design, manufacture, and procure multiple parts to customer's specifications.  
  • Met special printing requirements for graphics on overlay (nitrogen curing process).  
  • Identified best suited materials to ensure a more robust product during testing phase. 
  • Designed a product that meets IP67 standards to withstand temperature/humidity specifications. 
  • Designed circuitry and intricate metal paneling. 
  • Guaranteed RoHS compliance. 
  • Provided conformance guarantees.  

Complexity reduction

  • Offered proximity to our engineering team and specialized printer in CA.  
  • Provided quick response time and high level of support from our customer service team.  
  • Managed a customized manufacturing strategy involving multiple partners:  
    • Offshore:  
      • LCD part secured through our partner in Asia 
      • Layered circuitry for keypad.  
      • Metal panel manufacturing. 
    • US facilities:
      • Engineering design 
      • Graphic overlay printing (no availability to print offshore). 
      • Full assembly, control, and inspection. 

The results

NMG evolved into OEM's primary keypad provider 

For more than 10 years, this multi-national OEM has relied on NMG’s ability to deliver on price and quality, as well as to meet their growing production needs:  

  • Produce approximately 20,000 units per year.  
  • Delivered PPV by successfully migrating all production offshore without interruption or quality loss. 
  • Accommodated Kohler’s growth on a consistent basis. 
a graphic reading supply chain terms

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