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Leveraging the external expertise of supply chain management partners

For large OEMs, ensuring seamless operations from procurement to delivery isnt just a challenge but a strategic imperative. In pursuit of operational excellence, many organizations are increasingly outsourcing their supply chain management to external experts. This shift allows them to access and leverage external expertise in logistics, procurement, and manufacturing, thus enhancing their competitive edge. 

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Improving efficiency and performance

One of the primary benefits of working with external supply chain partners is the ability to improve organizational efficiency and performance. Outsourcing partners are equipped with advanced tools, technologies, and methodologies to streamline supply chain processes and eliminate bottlenecks. By leveraging their expertise, you can achieve greater agility, responsiveness, and cost-effectiveness in their operations <link to blog: How third-party procurement services help you lower costs>. 

Benefitting from robust solutions development 

Another compelling reason to collaborate with external supply chain partners is their ability to offer solutions that would otherwise require substantial time, resources, and capital to develop in-house. SCM management companies have already invested in developing robust processes, systems, and infrastructure to address a wide range of supply chain challenges. By leveraging their existing capabilities, OEMs can accelerate time-to-market and focus on their core competencies. 

Implementing risk mitigation strategies

External partners play a critical role in risk mitigation. In today's globalized marketplace, supply chain disruptions are inevitable due to various factors such as natural disasters, geopolitical events, or unforeseen market fluctuations. By working with experienced supply chain management companies, OEMs can implement risk mitigation strategies to safeguard their operations against potential disruptions. 

A third-party partner with a deep understanding of industry regulations and standards can help an OEM navigate complex compliance requirements and ensure that their supply chain operations remain compliant at all times. By proactively addressing compliance issues, organizations minimize the risk of costly penalties or disruptions to their operations. 

supply chain logistics expertise
leverage engineer expertise in DFM
leverage external expertise for injection molded plastics manufacturing

Accessing specialized expertise and knowledge 

Outsourcing supply chain management <link to Deliver/How We Can Help > to specialized companies provides access to a wealth of expertise and knowledge across various domains. These external partners bring in-depth understanding and experience in logistics, procurement, and manufacturing processes.  

SCM expertise

A leading supply chain management company may have a team of specialists dedicated to different aspects of the supply chain, such as transportation logistics, inventory management, or strategic sourcing. By tapping into this specialized expertise, organizations can focus their efforts on what they do best, while still optimizing their supply chain operations and streamlining processes for maximum efficiency. 

DFM expertise

Third-party partners often possess domain-specific knowledge that is invaluable in addressing complex challenges, such as Design for Manufacturing (DFM) expertise. A supply chain partner with a background in engineering can offer valuable insights during the product design phase, helping to optimize designs for manufacturability and cost-effectiveness. By collaborating closely with OEMs from the early stages of product development, these experts can identify potential issues and propose solutions to enhance the overall manufacturing process. 

Engineering expertise

Engineering expertise can play a huge role in optimizing supply chain performance. External partners with a team of skilled engineers can conduct thorough analyses of existing processes and identify areas for improvement. By implementing innovative solutions and leveraging automation technologies, they can help manufacturers enhance production efficiency, reduce lead times, and minimize waste. 

Injection molded plastic expertise 

Accessing expertise in injection molding plastic can be crucial in industries where plastic components play a significant role in product manufacturing. External partners specializing in plastic injection molding bring extensive knowledge of materials, tooling, and production techniques. They can assist OEMs in optimizing part designs for injection molding, thereby reducing manufacturing costs and improving product quality. 

Partnering with NMG to add value to your supply chain

When you partner with NMG, you not only access our in-house expertise in engineering, sourcing, and SCM, you gain access to the collective expertise of a wide network of fully vetted and specialized partners and manufacturers. Our relationships allow us to implement outsourcing supply chain and inventory management strategies that are appropriate for your business, add redundancy to your supply chain, lower your costs, and create a higher level of service for you.    

Here are a few examples of how we’ve helped our customers with their specialized needs.

Injection molded plastics

Our injection molding partners in the U.S. and abroad have advanced technology and equipment that make a true difference for several of our customers.   

Mold manufacturing  

Our partners have the expertise and experience to pair mold building with the injection machine during the design phase, giving you the assurance that the mold is best fitted for the injection machine. Their teams of mold design engineers and fitters produce hundreds of precision molds a year. NMG works with one-stop injection molding companies, meaning all the work from computer-aided design/engineering/manufacturing is properly relayed (via automation) to mold manufacturing and then production. Their in-house tooling abilities save time during trials and set-up, avoid costly adjustments or retooling, and allow you to deliver faster-qualified products.   

On-site material data and application laboratory  

Our partners have on-site material science labs that provide detail on resin properties with very accurate property data. This translates into a more precise mold flow simulation prior to tooling and production, which improves design and injection parameter set-up and reduces design failures and risks. Customers have access to innovative and new science on material, which translates to enhanced quality and often cost reduction, as well.  

Industry 4.0  

Our injection molding partners use complex computer-aided simulations (design, flow, assembly, etc.) before they even start making a mold, which avoids approximately 90% of issues prior to machining. Cloud-based systems allow for efficiencies such as pre-setting machining tools outside the machine, which saves a lot of setup time and ensures the data transfer is completely error-free. 

Design for manufacturing (DFM) and engineering expertise

external expertise in scm management - example of a box build beauty product
external expertise in DFM - example of a HMI for an electric cart

A full-service build for the beauty industry 

NMG showcased its broad scope of capabilities in the creation of a balayage palette  for use in the beauty industry, including design, engineering, and manufacturing expertise.  

  • Complex assembly of custom parts designed, assembled, and manufactured by NMG 
  • Development of sophisticated power management system 
  • Design modifications to meet functionality and aesthetic requirements 
  • Package design 
  • End-to-end management of production process  
  • Integration and coordination among multiple suppliers in China  

DFM support for electric delivery cart

NMG partnered with an automotive technology company to produce the operator controls for an electric cart under an aggressive schedule, while adhering to strict automotive standards and requirements. Our customer relied on NMG for engineering design support, supply chain management, and final assembly.  

  • Engineering and DFM expertise to overcome design, supply, and timeline challenges 
  • Significant improvements to customer’s initial design 
  • Creation of complex, layered keypad design 
  • Design of custom e-switch to reduce costs by 80% 

For more information on how NMG has helped various customers solve complex engineering and DFM challenges, see our case studies.


Tap into external expertise when you outsource your SCM. 

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Outsourcing supply chain management to external experts offers a myriad of benefits. By accessing and leveraging external expertise in logistics, procurement, engineering, DFM, and manufacturing methods, like injection molded plastic, organizations can enhance their operational efficiency, improve performance, and mitigate risks. External partners bring specialized knowledge and experience, enabling you to optimize your supply chain processes and achieve competitive advantage in the market. 

Moreover, these partners offer solutions that would otherwise require significant time and resources to develop in-house, accelerating time-to-market and enabling organizations to focus on their core competencies. Through collaborative efforts with external supply chain partners, OEMs can navigate complex challenges, capitalize on industry best practices, and drive innovation in their supply chain operations. In a rapidly evolving business environment, the ability to adapt and collaborate with external experts is essential for sustaining long-term success and resilience. 

If you’re interested in outsourcing manufacturing to simplify your SCM, contact NMG to see how we can help you achieve your goals. 


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