A guide to plastic injection molding

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In this guide, you’ll find:

  • In-depth and original information related to the injection molding process
  • Tips for selecting the right resin, designing your part, and creating a mold
  • Insights to help you control costs, shorten lead time, leverage industry 4.0, access engineering expertise, and ensure quality in product and process
  • Tools to choose a manufacturing partner who will maximize your success in injection molding

Three reasons to download this guide

Unlock in-depth content

  • Over 30 pages of rich content, and only one page on NMG
  • Based on nearly 100 years of experience in design, engineering, sourcing, manufacturing and logistics management
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Answer key questions

  • Does injection molding make sense for my project?

  • What nuances should I be aware of related to the injection molding process?

  • What can I do to avoid unnecessary delays and costs?
  • How do I choose the right partner to support my injection molding?

Access useful checklists

  • Advantages and limitations of injection molding
  • Six questions to ask when selecting resin

  • Eight factors that can reduce lead time

  • 10 critical engineering considerations
  • Seven questions to ask your injection molding partner

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