Bolster product innovation.

Leverage Nelson Miller Group’s engineering design services to unleash new levels of ingenuity and advancement.

Product innovation is a lynchpin of your company’s success. It’s not just a strategic choice for your business—it’s a fundamental necessity for manufacturers seeking to differentiate, adapt to evolving markets, and drive sustainable growth. Partnering with MNG enhances your product innovation, not only by introducing new ideas and expertise, but also by helping your own team overcome design challenges.

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Supplement your team’s capabilities to gain a competitive edge.

A collaborative outsourcing partnership provides access to additional talent and capabilities to supplement your existing team’s expertise. Planning, designing, and creating can require particular knowledge that you may not have in-house. NMG has the focused engineering and design knowledge to craft a specialized, custom solution that meets your business needs.

When you have direct access to top-quality knowledge, resources, technologies, and business acumen—especially in a subject that’s outside your area of expertise—you gain an instant advantage. Having a competent, trusted partner like NMG allows you to bypass the trial-by-error approach that other providers may take. Add in our attention to Design for Manufacturing and Assembly, and you’re starting several steps ahead of your competition.

Introduce an outside perspective to foster new ideas.

Sometimes, all it takes is a small tweak to revolutionize a product. Sometimes, it’s a complete design overhaul. Enlisting an external engineering expert elevates your product innovation by infusing a fresh perspective, specialized knowledge, and additional industry insights. A fresh and unbiased viewpoint can help uncover new ideas, challenge existing assumptions, and introduce innovative solutions that may not be readily apparent to in-house teams.

With a network of connections and a penchant for objective decision-making, NMG injects vitality into the design process, helps overcome design challenges, and delivers groundbreaking solutions that align with market demands. This ultimately enhances the success of your product—and your broader business.

Access the expertise needed to overcome design challenges.

Many engineering design projects are typically defined by two main characteristics: 1) the problem to be addressed is “ill-defined,” i.e., engineers initially lack the information they need to identify and develop effective solutions, and 2) these projects are “open-ended,” i.e., there exists a wide range of possible solutions, meaning that engineers must evaluate and compare various solution options to determine which options are optimal.

Engineering challenges demand that you access expertise—a combination of specialized knowledge and experience—to tackle them effectively. A rich history of engineering and design work enables the team to leverage past experiences and navigate complex engineering challenges efficiently, leading to product innovation. These solutions also come quicker, and the design confidence is higher.

Get specialized support—without the big hit to your budget.

When your outsourced manufacturing partner brings engineering design services, you have immediate access to a diverse pool of specialized talent, ensuring your projects benefit from the latest advancements and focused expertise. Also, let’s not forget, that while typically not as asset-intensive as manufacturing, superior product design capability can be imposingly expensive to maintain in-house, particularly due to the specialized human capital.

As an example, electronic parts <link Custom Electronic Components> can be sourced off-the-shelf (OTS) or modified to suit the need. What you need is dependent on a variety of factors, including function, pricing, lead times, and potential single-source or end-of-life supply risks down the road. NMG’s design engineers have the know-how to appropriately identify opportunities when custom manufacturing will generate savings or better performance. Click here to learn more about how we designed and produced custom passive components for a top lighting company, matching the performance of their OTS parts while realizing a 10% cost savings.

Gain valuable time to connect and innovate.

You’ve got a lot on your plate, but you also need to be creative and stay curious in order to stay competitive. Outsourcing product design (or even your end-to-end supply chain management) frees up time for your team to focus on core business activities and goals, which also includes scaling, networking, and innovation.

What’s more, additional time allows you to build stronger relationships with consumers, offer higher-quality customer support, and feel more present. When your team is more attuned to customer needs and desires, you’ll develop new ideas of how to better satisfy customers. NMG helps you improve efficiency, supplement your engineering skillsets, and ultimately boost your firm’s competitive edge—all while you deepen your industry expertise and customer satisfaction.

Why NMG?

When you need new ideas to drive product innovation, a solid outsourcing partnership with NMG brings additional and highly specialized design engineering skills to your team. Overcoming design challenges demands custom solutions; let us help you.

Sometimes a new set of eyes can make all the difference. We'll help take your product to the next level.

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