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NMG provides strategic insights and cutting-edge solutions that optimize operational efficiency. We review your product’s design, features, systems, and materials to identify opportunities to enhance your manufacturing and productivity. Whether you're developing a new product, transitioning to the next generation, or evaluating end-of-life parts options, we deliver quality, reliability, and safety, while also increasing your output.

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Thoroughly evaluate production requirements.

NMG determines what equipment and tooling you need and designs your product with an eye toward minimizing production time. We operate multiple domestic manufacturing sites in Wisconsin, California, and New Jersey and have extensive strategic partnerships with manufacturers in the US and abroad. This network gives you access to broader technical capabilities and allows us to select the right manufacturing site for your precise manufacturing needs.

Implement automation solutions.

Driven by rapid advancements in robotics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, automation has revolutionized manufacturing processes. Manufacturing automation is an important tool to help you streamline your workflow and improve efficiency. 

NMG analyzes your manufacturing needs and creates custom solutions to automate your production processes, helping you save time, minimize errors, lower labor costs, and reduce waste. We look carefully at the manufacturing, assembly, packaging, and logistics associated with your product to determine if there are unnecessary steps that can be streamlined, eliminated, improved, or optimized. Our experts present innovative alternatives to the existing processes you use.

Through our own manufacturing sites and our many partners, we have access to the latest technology, ensuring that our automated systems are safer and more consistent than traditional manufacturing methods. This expands your capabilities by giving you enhanced product quality, faster turnaround times, and the ability to produce a wider variety of products in shorter production runs.

Use second and multi-sourcing.

NMG has worldwide supplier relationships that allow us to expand your sourcing strategy. The primary benefits of second and multi-sourcing, while well-known across the purchasing field for many years, have been magnified following the onset of COVID-19:

  • Supply assurance. Contracting with multiple suppliers creates redundancy in case of issues with a primary provider, such as an unexpected line-down situation. NMG has access to multiple suppliers, not just for standard components but also for more strategic and customized ones, allowing production to continue in a case where one supplier is offline.
  • Increased production capacity. Having access to additional suppliers creates the ability to increase production, often by large quantities, on somewhat short notice. This can be especially helpful in case of an unexpected spike in demand for your product, or if you wish to scale up production beyond the capacity of your primary supplier.
  • Improved service and lead time. Your service levels improve when you spread production across multiple suppliers, reducing dependency on one source and minimizing your risk of delays. NMG helps you diversify your supplier base by leveraging competition among our supplier network, incentivizing suppliers to shorten lead times, ensure on-time delivery, and provide overall improved reliability.
Geographical diversity for second sourcing and multi-sourcing

While single sourcing may work well during times of predictable supply and demand, the potential downsides in today’s ever-changing environment have become increasingly threatening. NMG will partner with you to implement custom sourcing strategies to mitigate risk and maintain flexibility during uncertain times.

Optimize your design.

With the expertise from our team of engineers, your design, specifications, and functional goals are analyzed to determine if there are any opportunities to improve production processes and improve efficiency. Click here to learn more.

Find the most suitable materials.

You want to increase productivity without sacrificing quality. At times, the best solution involves material swaps (or substitutions). Selecting materials with improved durability or enhanced functionality can lead to not only higher quality products but also products that are more efficient to manufacture and require less waste. NMG has expertise in materials science and technology, ensuring that we can guide you in making decisions about materials that positively impact your bottom line and your productivity.

Piece of new type of material with improved properties in laboratory in scientist hands

Streamline workflows and communication.

Our team continuously collaborates with your internal stakeholders like engineers, product managers, and production leaders. You receive clear, concise updates on our progress. Once you're satisfied with any changes and modifications, we help make sure they're implemented safely, effectively, and efficiently.

We also can act as a single point of contact for your supply chain management, allowing you to improve your internal productivity. NMG’s experienced team will worry about unreliable suppliers and disruptions so you can focus on what you do best. Our well-connected engineers and sourcing professionals will overcome any obstacles associated with international sourcing and supply chain management - like language barriers, cultural differences, policies, laws and compliance, extended business travel, time zone differences, and exchange rates.

Our goal is your goal: to increase productivity while increasing the value of your product.

Provide efficiencies at the tooling phase.

Experience can be a key driver in your production efficiency. An experienced manufacturer can help you save effort and resources in the tooling phase through an understanding of what’s important in terms of cost and quality, a familiarity with the materials and machinery that will be used, and the know-how to avoid common mistakes.

NMG and our well-vetted manufacturing partners have worked on thousands of outsourced manufacturing projects and assemblies. We will assess your needs and determine which of our manufacturing sites or partners has the needed tooling equipment in-house for your product, simplifying the process and saving you time and money.

Access the latest manufacturing technologies.

Not all manufacturers are created equally when it comes to technology. At Nelson Miller Group, we recognize the power of intelligent manufacturing in driving productivity for our customers. We utilize automated, smart systems that track all stages of the manufacturing process. NMG has integrated CAD and CAE systems that allow you to test your design before even starting fabrication. This enables you to identify and correct potential issues ahead of time, avoiding costly corrections and potential production disruptions.

Machine data collection also provides numerous time-saving benefits after production begins, including maximum repeatability, consistent quality, real-time production monitoring, predictive analytics, and preventive machine maintenance to avoid unplanned downtime. It also allows us to make informed decisions to enhance your productivity, including rapid adjustments to market demand and optimization of resource allocation.

Our expertise and access to the latest manufacturing technologies empower manufacturers to improve efficiency, maximize output, and stay competitive in today's dynamic market landscape.

automatic machine tool in industrial manufacture factory, Smart factory industry 4.0 concept for improve efficiency

Get advice on the ideal manufacturing location.

Location can also impact your production costs. NMG has relationships both domestically and internationally and can help guide you regarding the most ideal location to manufacture your product—not only from a cost perspective but to ensure your finished product meets or exceeds quality expectations.

While working with a manufacturer in another country can add small costs in travel and/or shipping, generally these costs pale in comparison to the savings created, both from a labor cost perspective as well as the time/quality benefits that an experienced team can bring to the project. While simulations, test reports and validations, and visual inspection via video are important steps, you’ll most certainly want to complete your first article inspection in person. NMG has team members on the ground in-country to assist with inspections and oversight, saving you the time and expense of travel.

manufacturing production line and location to increase productivity

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