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When you’re working to bring your product to market, it can seem like every decision you make has an impact on lead time. Outsourcing product design can significantly improve speed to market, and not just by accelerating the completion of your production documents.

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Access the right talent quickly.

Perhaps your project requires a specific area of engineering expertise or R&D capabilities that you simply don’t have in-house. NMG’s seasoned experts can help close the knowledge gap using our wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge from material science to manufacturing machines and tools. We offer comprehensive solutions to meet your unique project requirements. Our partners bring state-of-the-art labs and testing facilities and often collaborate with renowned universities, further amplifying our capabilities and expediting your product design and development.

What’s more, our nimble team is accustomed to adapting quickly to new environments and project requirements. We excel in navigating uncharted territories, ensuring a rapid assimilation of project-specific knowledge and goals, and facilitating a seamless integration of our expertise with your project requirements. With NMG as your partner, you gain access to a dynamic team capable of nimbly navigating challenges and complexities, ensuring your project propels quickly towards successful fruition.

Gain efficiency and focus.

Product design outsourcing with NMG guarantees a dedicated team committed to realizing your project's objectives. Our disciplined engineers channel their knowledge and energy into every aspect of the design process, ensuring a thorough and goal-oriented approach. This methodical focus translates into quicker problem-solving, accelerated decision-making, and an overall streamlined design process.

As your project transitions from design to production, NMG continues to play a crucial role. We facilitate seamless communication with the manufacturing facility, acting as a liaison to ensure that expectations are aligned, and potential challenges are proactively addressed. This proactive approach not only enhances efficiency but also mitigates the risk of costly delays, allowing for a lead time reduction and smoother transition from the design phase to successful production. At NMG, we recognize that the key to a successful outsourcing partnership lies in our commitment to precision, responsiveness, and collaboration throughout every stage of your project.

Incorporate Design for Manufacturing and Assembly.

NMG incorporates Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and Design for Assembly (DFA) from the onset of every project. Incorporating these best practices into your design ensures important factors that can affect your costs and lead time are considered from the get-go:

  • Identify and eliminate unnecessary complexity in your design that increases cost and lead times.
  • Advise on appropriate materials or parts that may be faster to acquire.
  • Help select finishing options that achieve aesthetic, cost, and timeline goals.
  • Create simple and clear drawings and documentation to ensure a smooth manufacturing process.
  • Ensure the components that are produced are optimized for eventual (sub-)assembly.

Our Design for Manufacturing and Assembly focus helps you mitigate risks by identifying potential pitfalls and risks early in the design phase. We help you foresee future challenges and implement proactive measures, reducing the likelihood of costly mistakes and making your manufacturing process more efficient.

Speed up the process with advanced tools and methodologies.

Throughout the design process, your NMG team uses cutting-edge software and tools to keep your project on track and expedite wherever possible. Here are just a few examples on you can accelerate speed to market:

  • Cutting-edge Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software enhances design efficiency, enabling NMG to create intricate models rapidly and with high precision. CAD software enables engineers to create detailed and precise 3D models of products. This not only expedites the design phase but also facilitates rapid prototyping and simulation, allowing for quick iteration and validation.
  • Software tools aid in the selection of materials based on specific design criteria. This accelerates the decision-making process by providing comprehensive information about material properties, costs, and availability.
  • Advanced simulation tools assess product performance virtually, predicting how a design will behave under various conditions. This accelerates the testing phase, reduces the need for physical prototypes, and ensures that designs meet performance criteria early in the process.
  • Designing products with automation in mind reduces production time, as automated processes are often faster and more consistent than manual ones.

Expedite the design process with our worldwide network of partnerships.

NMG’s extensive network of industry connections and strategic partnerships provides unparalleled access to top-tier engineering expertise and cutting-edge manufacturing software and equipment. For your unique project, we select the vendor with the specialized know-how and technical capabilities best suited to meet your specific requirements.

Working hand-in-hand with the right engineers and pre-selecting the appropriate equipment to manufacture your part ensures that every aspect of your design is optimized from the outset. This eliminates unnecessary design revisions, reduces lead time and paves the way for a more streamlined and efficient start to your production. Our commitment to precision and collaboration is ingrained in our process, enabling us to deliver exceptional results with accelerated timelines.

For injection molded plastics, take advantage of our rapid, domestic manufacturing capabilities through our in-country thermoplastic experts, Injection Works.

Consider your whole supply chain.

Of course, effective demand planning and avoiding potential disruptions aren’t the only advantages to a holistic approach to supply chain. When bringing a new product to market, early collaboration with suppliers, and integrating them into the design process, streamlines procurement and reduces lead times for materials. In addition, NMG leverages our partners’ expertise in materials, manufacturing processes, and logistics to supplement our own expertise and better optimize your product design for manufacturability.

We turn to our sourcing partners to gain valuable insights into material availability, cost considerations, and production capabilities, enabling our designers to make informed decisions that align with both technical requirements and supply chain constraints. Through transparent communication with our partner factories and utilizing sophisticated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for comprehensive supply chain visibility, NMG anticipates and addresses fluctuations in demand, market dynamics shifts, and unforeseen disruptions—ensuring your product goes to market with minimal delays (and continues to meet customer demand once it’s in market).

In the end, supply chain integration empowers manufacturers to optimize their operations, reduce lead time, and gain a competitive edge. Click here to learn more about how we can help support your end-to-end supply chain management.

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