Supply chain outsourcing upgrades your manufacturing.

Nelson Miller Group offers a full suite of services to ensure your product is designed well, produced efficiently and soundly, and delivered on time and on budget.

We understand the big picture and manage the infinite details.

NMG considers your goals and long-term planning while optimizing your design, sourcing, manufacturing, and logistics. Our SCM and inventory management services put your business ahead and protect you from unexpected demand fluctuations, down lines, and quality concerns. From the minutiae of draft angles to high-level strategy for complex global logistics, we ensure every link of your supply chain is secure and functions at maximum potential.

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Global sourcing

The world is your oyster.

By integrating strategic global sourcing into your operational strategy, you abate supply disruptions, access cutting-edge technology, and minimize your total cost of acquisition. NMG has the worldwide supplier relationships to enable an effective source-to-pay strategy that diversifies your suppliers, enhances efficiency, and reduces costs.


Improve your designs for both new and existing products.

Go to market with your new product faster and solve design challenges with existing technical plans by coordinating with NMG’s expert mechanical and electronic engineers and software designers. Our structured approach to design and redesign considers materials, methods, assembly, and more so your design delivers the product you want at the lowest cost possible.

Demand planning

Achieve greater accuracy and agility.

Better align your supply with customer demand and improve responsiveness to the variances between forecasted and actual demand. Our industry-leading ERP software and honest, transparent approach to customer communication gives you the information you need to make fast and accurate decisions for inventory management and your business.

Quality manufacturing

Outsource without the stress.

Substandard components or assemblies aren’t an option, and for most, neither is manufacturing everything themselves. NMG works as an extension of your team to make your parts reliably and cost-effectively, while fulfilling your expectations of form, fit, and function. In the end, you get a quality product on time without the extra cost and hassle of doing it yourself.

Assembly and kitting

We'll put it all together.

Truly streamlining your supply chain is difficult when your team is managing multiple vendors and thousands of SKUs, while also assembling your product. NMG simplifies your assembly operations by providing the sub-assembly, kit package, or fully integrated and tested box build you need, freeing up space and resources for other priorities.

Warehousing and logistics

Get effective storage and transportation options.

You can make a great product, but you only succeed when it arrives where it’s supposed to be, in the right quantity, at the right time. NMG covers everything from coordinating with your 3PL partner or warehouse to securely storing and shipping your products, helping you effectively control inventory management, mitigate disruptions and downlines, and create a reliable safety stock. Partnering with NMG can help improve inventory management at your business.

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